Overwatch to update its standard loot boxes in next week's patch

Image credit: dahshi on Deviantart (via Polygon)

In more, ahem, game-related Overwatch news, Blizzard's esteemed FPS is hosting a free-play weekend on May 26-29 to mark its first birthday. Over the course of the Overwatch Anniversary event a batch of as yet unrevealed stuff is coming to the online shooter, however its non-event-related loot boxes are getting updated too.

In conversation with Polygon, game director Jeff Kaplan said the loot box refresh will target a few cosmetic features that fans have previously requested—such as laughing and sitting emotes for heroes Orisa and Sombra.  

Furthermore, Polygon reports Blizzard will add the fan-favourite shrug action Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes enacted in the recent Overwatch Uprising comic as an emote, which is outlined in the above header image and in the following strip.

Expect these changes to land alongside Overwatch's patch 1.11 that's due next week. When the new emotes arrive, here's hoping this guy's dad revises his act: