Overwatch emotes reenacted by this guy's dad are amazing

It may be Mother's Day weekend, but YouTuber Nick Luciano's dad is stealing the spotlight. He did his son a solid and stood in their yard, performing various Overwatch emotes. And honestly? Mr. Luciano should be his own character in Overwatch.

But what type of character would he be? Well, after watching the video (above), it's obvious that he'd be like Inferno or Edge Master in the Soulcalibur series: a character that's mastered every fighting style, so every time they spawn, they have the weapons and abilities of a different character. And I bet he'd get on the dang payload, too.

Seriously, though, watching Mr. Luciano use real world tools and toys to fill in for the weapons of Overwatch is probably my favourite thing about this video. If you want to smile, definitely check it out.

This isn't the first time Nick has gotten his dad to reenact something from a video game. Mr. Luciano has done his best impressions of every Super Smash Bros. character, with two standouts being Bayonetta and Sonic. You can check out more reenactments on Nick's channel.