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Overwatch players are earning Play of the Game for killing robot gondoliers

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Ahh, Venice. The beautiful canal city recently made its way to Overwatch in the form of Rialto, a new Escort map. Like the Venice of the real world, Rialto's canals are filled with gondolas piloted by lovely striped-shirted gondoliers, though in Rialto's case, the gondoliers are all omnics—the sentient robots of Overwatch's world. 

However, something is wrong in Rialto. Through some sort of bug, killing an Omnic gondolier seems to invisibly count as scoring an elimination. As such, stringing together a handful of kills is causing the game to award Play of the Game honors to the heartless ro-boatman murderer.

The good news is it seems to be a guaranteed way to score a Play of the Game as Ana, the sniper-healer hero who almost never wins it otherwise. But is it worth it? Think of the robots.

Bo Moore

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