Overwatch looks great as a turn-based tactics game

It seems today's a day for unlikely but no less wonderful crossovers—the latest of which to catch my eye sees Overwatch characters added to Klei Entertainment's brilliant Invisible Inc.   

By virtue of modder Saltrain, the Talon Recruitment mod invites esteemed heroes Sombra and Windowmaker into the stealth tactics fold, complete with their iconic Overwatch weaponry and makeovers consistent with the base game.  

Here's a glimpse of that in motion:

"I've done my best to use completely unique assets, however I didn't have time to create full profile pictures," explains Saltrain. "They'll get updated soon enough."

Saltrain also provides character profiles of the Overwatchers as they appear in Invisible Inc. Sombra, for example, is billed as a "masterful infiltrator" with a penchant for weaving through facilities "unseen with a sprint-based cloaking rig, blasting opportune targets with her ranged EMP, then darts away to safety with her iconic translocators."

Widowmaker, on the other hand, is described as "the infamous assassin". She comes tooled up with her familiar infra-vision and "stalks enemies before nullifying them with venom mines and her customised, twin-state sniper rifle."

I've not had the chance to take Talon Recruitment for a spin, however the comments tied to its Steam Workshop page suggest it's well worth doing so. If that's you, find the mod over here and let us know how you get on the comments below. 

H/T Kotaku