See Overwatch devs answer your questions in last weekend's PC Gamer Weekender Q&A

The dust from last weekend's hugely successful PC Gamer Weekender in London has just about settled, and as the rest of the UK team takes some well-earned rest by way of stressful magazine deadlines, I'd like to share the following Overwatch Q&A that was broadcast at the event and hosted by a few of the game's developers. 

Speaking from across the pond, the game's lead hero designer Geoff Goodman, assistant game director Aaron Keller, and lead writer Michael Shu took questions from players and PC Gamer editors alike—such as DankJokeIFunny who asked: "When will there be an animated Overwatch movie? I want it. I need it." FlotSamX also asked: "At what point does the Overwatch team decides that a character 'needs work', i.e. buffs/nerfs/adjustments?"And _ComixInk queried: "What was your inspiration for the Overwatch universe?"

From the editors' batch of inquiries, questions included: 

  • D.Va has undergone a lot of changes—are you happy with her?
  • Were you happy with the community's reaction to finding out about Tracer's relationship?
  • Will there be another ARG?

Chu, Keller and Goodman answer those and loads more, and while I don't want to spoil the answers (it's worth noting Chu teased "who's to say we haven't already started the next one?" in relation to potential future ARGs), I will let you check out what the team said in the following video for yourself: