Overwatch cheaters are having a hard time

As promised, Blizzard is fanning the hammer at Overwatch cheaters. In China alone, 1572 players have been named, shamed and shown the door. Western cheaters are faring no better. Judging by aggrieved posts on the forums of popular hack providers, Overwatch is proving difficult to fool.

Cheaters are being hit by serial bans even after buying new copies. "Got banned one day after the official release," one enemy of fair play recounts. "Thought I got detected for using RPM tools, because the game was crashing for it at that time.

"Bought the game again... didn't hack on it at all, just wanted to enjoy the game a bit. Two days later—banned again.

"Bought the game... again. But before doing that, I deleted Overwatch and launcher completely. Enjoyed it again without cheating only for a day."

On his fourth attempt, he purged his PC, changing hard drive IDs, MAC address, BiosDate and buying a VPN to throw Blizzard's anticheat off. It didn't work.

Is there no justice for cheaters!? Screenshot by /u/gibkeeg.

Is there no justice for cheaters!? Screenshot by /u/gibkeeg.

Blizzard pledged that it would be taking a no-nonsense approach to cheaters, and from the delectable wording of the ban notice, it's staying true to its word.

"Our support staff will not overturn these closures and may not respond to appeals."

Let's hope the false positives are small, eh?