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See an Overwatch streamer play Winston using a pile of bananas

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In true science fair fashion, Twitch streamer Rudeism devised a banana-centric control scheme for Overwatch (opens in new tab) and played as Winston, everyone's favorite science and banana-loving gorilla. Arguably, it's Winston's true control scheme. 

To get it working, Rudeism connected each banana to an electric capacitor and assigned each one a control input. I'm not the one to break down the specifics of the experiment, but touching a banana conducts an electric charge that reads as a key press. So by arranging four bananas in a square for his left and right hands and assigning each a directional input, Rudeism was able to palm the banana squares to emulate directional movement and mouselook fairly well—I mean it's clunky, but it looks like an ape is playing. He assigned abilities to bananas between the squares and was able to actually play Winston with a degree of success. Since Winston doesn't require pinpoint accuracy to excel with, Rudeism was able to contribute here and there. He even got a decent kill streak, which you can see in the video up top. 

Rudeism mentions he wanted to use peanut butter jars at first, one of Winston's favorite treats, but found out they don't conduct electricity too well. I say, don't let your dreams be dreams. Get back in the lab. 

See the entire stream here.

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