Overwatch 2 could launch this year, according to a deleted PlayStation tweet

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Someone on the PlayStation Brazil social media team got a bit overexcited this week and hit 'Tweet' before thinking, telling everyone that Overwatch 2 would be hitting PS4 in 2020. Blizzard's yet to announce a release date for any platforms and hasn't commented on the tweet, which has since been deleted. 

Voxel spotted PlayStation Brazil's blunder before it was deleted and grabbed a screencap for posterity. As well as claiming that it would be out in 2020, the the tweet linked to an article with "hot information" that never actually surfaces. It's from November and doesn't mention a release date.

(Image credit: Voxel)

While Overwatch 2 was playable at BlizzCon, Jeff Kaplan said it was still in early development and that Blizzard didn't have a date in mind. Slow and steady seemed to be the message. It's unlikely, then, that it would launch so soon. Best take this leak with a big pinch of salt.

Fraser Brown
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