Overcooked 2 launch trailer shows off familiar mess of kitchen mayhem

Ghost Town Games' co-op kitchen 'em up is here to ruin friendships once again. Overcooked 2 arrives today on PC, and comes with a launch trailer. 

Dinner is served:

According to this community post, Overcooked 2 unlocks on Steam today at 9am PST / 5pm BST. It brings with it 47 levels, 16 chefs, nine core recipes with "many different variations", and a new storyline.

Chris Schilling bills Overcooked 2 as a "safe but solid" sequel, suggesting it often feels more like an expansion than a follow-up. Nevertheless, he speaks fondly of it throughout his 78-scored review, and I just love this opening paragraph: 

Like the original, Overcooked 2 is a cheerful, non-violent co-op game that’s simple enough for the whole family to enjoy. It also happens to be one of the most intensely stressful games you’ll ever play. This sequel adds a generous helping of new ingredients, but at its core it’s the same game: one that, for all its fantastical elements and willfully counter-intuitive working environments, captures the pressure-cooker tension of a busy restaurant kitchen. And it’s undoubtedly the only multiplayer game where you might hear one of your fellow players barking at you to 'pass the sodding lettuce'. 

I'm not convinced I'd be as polite as Chris there, particularly after reading Evan's kitchen calamities alongside PCG's Tim, Bo, and Jarred. Beneath Overcooked 2's charming wrapper is a brutal co-op romp, says Evan, who seems equal parts exhausted and entertained by the end of that feature.

More information can be read on Overcooked 2's Steam page. There, it costs £19.99/$24.99.