Orion: Dino Beatdown, 5-player open world co-op survival shooter with dinosaurs and jetpacks

In our list of ways to get around in videogames, jet packs rank pretty high. In our list of things we'd quite like to kill in games, dinosaurs are also pretty high. That makes it well worth mentioning the imminent arrival of Orion: Dino Beatdown, a game about flying around in jetpacks beating down dinosaurs in an open world battle for survival. It's made by Spiral Games, and looks like a nice, budget interim release while they continue work on their big multiplayer shooter Orion: Prelude.

If you were among those who contributed to the Orion kickstarter project last year, you'll get a copy of Dino Beatdown for free. Everyone else will be able to buy it on Steam and OnLive next month for $9.99. Spiral promise "a wealth of post-release support," too, which will hopefully expand the range of lizards we'll get to fight. Find out more on the Spiral Games site .

Tom Senior

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