Ori and the Will of the Wisps Horn Beetle guide

Ori Will Wisps Horn Beetle boss fight attack melee
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Ori and the Will of the Wisps' combat is trickier to master than the previous game, but a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. By the time you reach this area you'll have acquired a couple of abilities that make the fight substantially easier. Your double jump and dash abilities will prove their worth here, and having already encountered similar creatures in other areas, where better to show off your skills than in a boss fight? 

The Horn Beetle is intimidating, but you have everything you need to show it who's boss. If you're struggling to deplete its health bar, here are a few helpful tips to see you through the fight.

How to beat the Ori Horn Beetle

The Horn Beetle has several attacks that can catch you out, but once you're aware of its attack patterns, it's easy to counter. The arena affords you sufficient space to move around and dodge incoming attacks. There are no platforms to leap onto, making your position very important.    

Avoid a fiery death

The beetle sends out a stream of fire that creeps along the floor. This is quite easy to avoid if you manage to time your jump correctly. Wait for the Beetle to send out the fire and just before it reaches you, use your double jump ability to avoid the flames and land back on the ground safely. 

Dodge and attack

The Beetle can also launch itself forward into the air, so be ready to dodge. Wait for the Beetle to jump and then dash under it and behind it. It's sturdy exoskeleton is pretty much impenetrable, so attacks should be focused on the exposed glowing tail and underside of the creature. Use your Spirit Edge ability to combo your attacks (keep pressing the attack button) and deal damage. Repeat this strategy for the next few times that the Beetle jumps. It will then land so that it faces you once more. 


The Beetle isn't afraid to close the space between you, so get up close and personal. In these situations, it charges towards you before launching into the air. Focus on the glowing target on its body and try to keep away from the edges of the boss room: they're lined with spikes that hurt you if you get too close. Once it lands facing away from you, attack the glowing segment of its body again.

(Image credit: Moon Studios)

Horn Beetle boss battle rewards and Bash ability

The rewards for the Horn Beetle boss aren't much to write home about: 100 Light Orbs and some health. Your energy cells will also be refilled. The true rewards from this boss battle come slightly later though, as you can now access an area housing a powerful new ability. 

Once you've bested the beetle, a pair of Moki lower a vine down into the boss arena. Use this vine to exit on the right side and head off into an unexplored portion of the map, featuring new enemies that spit projectiles. Continue exploring downwards, and head to the left once you reach the bottom of the level to locate a glowing blue tree. 

Similar to how you gain other abilities, absorb the light inside to unlock the Bash ability. This ability allows you to use lanterns and projectiles to leap higher and reach previously inaccessible areas. You can also manipulate it to redirect projectiles and break pink platforms. 

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