Orcs Must Die! is cheap and brilliant

Orcs Must Die thumb

Orcs Must Die! was super cheap in the recent Steam Autumn Sale. If you missed it then, you've got another chance to pick it up for just £2.99 / $3.74 as part of this week's midweek deal on Steam . That's a quarter of the price you'd normally pay, for a game that scooped 90% in our Orcs Must Die! review . The deal lasts for another five hours or so.

It's a tower defence game with a twist. You play an arrogant wizard's apprentice tasked with holding back the green tide. The Orcs charge in huge hordes towards a portal that you must defend with inventive traps, deployable minions and your trusty rapid firing magical crossbow. Once you complete a level, your score is posted to a leaderboard automatically populated the scores your Steam friends earned. Things can get very competitive, very fast and the Orcs' enthusiasm for running headfirst into terrible danger never falters. We can't stop playing it.

Tom Senior

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