Operation Flashpoint to be re-released as Arma: Cold War Assault

Operation Flashpoint

Following the release of Arma 2: Free earlier today, Bohemia Interactive drops another surprise. Operation Flashpoint, the landmark military-sim originally developed by Bohemia a decade ago, has been rebranded as Arma: Cold War Assault, and will be re-released with the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance expansion thrown in as a bonus.

If you already own Operation Flashpoint, you'll be able to download the new version for free. The rest of us will be able to buy the pack when it's released "through various online stores in the near future." There's no news on a precise date or pricing details just yet. Bohemia are re-releasing the classic to celebrate ten years of making military shooters, and promise that "more exciting releases will be made in the coming days and weeks ahead." Head over to the Bohemia Interactive site for more.

Tom Senior

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