Oort Online is a new Voxel-based MMORPG by former Lionhead and EA veterans

The world may not be wanting for a new procedurally generated , Voxel-based open world game , but Oort Online looks very promising. In development at Guildford studio Wonderstruck Games, the crowdfunded title is the work of former Lionhead, EA and Hello Games talent. The MMORPG will be set across a variety of worlds, all of which exist in the same universe where players can "explore, fight, survive, build and craft".

Each world has a different graphical theme and resources, meaning there will be plenty of reason to explore the different areas. These will be populated by enemies known as The Protectors, which can be defeated both alone and cooperatively for filthy lucre (or loot, if you prefer). Land can be claimed using Beacons, which protect whole regions and basically work as land claims. Players are then welcome to build whatever they wish in their regions (or anywhere else if they're brave enough). Maybe you will build a city, or maybe you will build a giant firey pit for the corpses of your enemies. It's up to you. Then, if you fancy convenient access to other worlds, maybe you will build a Portal nearby.

While the MMO and combat aspects are par for the course, it's the world building elements which make Oort Online an interesting prospect. The blank slate world will hopefully see the formation of player-founded politics and conflicts. Indeed, Wonderstruck Games writes that it wants Oort Online to be a “second home” for its players. EVE Online , anyone?

While the game's crowdfunding campaign was only launched this week, Oort Online has been in development since late 2013. The studio is currently planning a late 2015 release, though for $95 you can play the game's prototype build right now. Otherwise, an alpha is planned for early 2015 and then a beta midyear. Most crowdfunding tiers allow users to vote on the feature roadmap for the game. Full details in the video below:

Shaun Prescott

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