Onrush, a racer by former Motorstorm and Driveclub devs, will come to PC

You probably haven't heard much about Onrush, because until now, Codemasters' new arcade racer had only been announced for PS4 and Xbox One. When Sony closed its first-party studio Evolution in 2016, which was responsible for the Motorstorm and Driveclub games, Codemasters recruited a bunch of the talent involved, and Onrush is the result.

Anyway, the console versions are set to launch on June 5, but today in a newly published FAQ, Codemasters has confirmed that it will be "blasting its way onto PC at a later date". 

What is it? Well, to call it a "racer" is a bit limiting, as it appears to have a fairly prominent combat bent, as well as a focus on hilarious, overblown, happily unrealistic physics. Speaking to Red Bull last year (the website, not the can of drink), one of the devs said that "our focus is on fun and taking racing back to its arcade roots while also bringing new ideas into play."

For now, there's no gameplay footage, though the FAQ promises it's coming soon. In the meantime, here's the announcement trailer from last year.

Shaun Prescott

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