One of the most gaming-friendly NBN providers have huge discounts during EOFY

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Aussie Broadband offers some of the best NBN plans for gaming, with its transparency around ping times, and its high ranking in Steam's ISP performance stats. At the time of writing, its average download rate on Steam is second only to Starlink, with a 56.7 Mbps average. Now's a pretty good time to swap over too, because the provider is offering steep discounts on its high speed internet plans.

Specifically, if you swap over to Aussie Broadband before June 30, you can get $10 off NBN 100 plans per month, for a year. If you want higher download speeds, you can save $20 per month on NBN 250 and 1000 plans for a year. That results in a total $120 / $240 saving if you stick around for the full year.

Check out the graph below:

To enjoy the prices above, you'll need to use the code EOFY120 at checkout for NBN 100 plans, and EOFY240 at checkout for NBN 250 and 1000 plans.

Looking above, you're seeing the usual AU$99 a month NBN 100/20 plan going for AU$10 cheaper than the usual AU$99, while the next tier, NBN 100/40, is also going for AU$10 cheaper than the usual AU$109. Meanwhile, the 250 and 1000 plans are both going for AU$20 cheaper a month than usual, at AU$109 (down from AU$129) and AU$129 (down from AU$149) respectively. These prices last for 12 months once you've signed up, but you're not stuck in a contract: you can cancel whenever you want.

In our round-up of NBN plans for gaming, Aussie Broadband is listed among the best for gaming, especially when it comes to reputation. You can even check the Aussie Broadband ping times for yourself, whenever you want. 

Shaun Prescott

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