Okay game marketing, you win this round because this custom Starfield PC is stunning

Alright, I guess the marketing people win this one. I know it's one hundred per cent about getting people to talk about both Starfield and the various people involved in building it, but I am so obsessed with this custom gaming PC. Modelled after the consoles in your Starfield star ship, this rig is a stunner.

It's got some neat hardware inside, both the Core i7 13700K CPU and Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPU stand out, but it's the outside and the integration of that MASSIVE front panel screen and physical indicator buttons that really grabs me.

It's been built in collaboration between SignalRGB, SkyTech, and Intel, and I want it. It's got that used, industrial aesthetic that kinda reminds me of the Alien universe, though with a big LCD panel instead of the green and black CRT of the Nostromo.

But it's the fact those six individual indicator lights on the right hand side all sync with the systems and in-game stats within Starfield. That's thanks to the pre-configured SignalRGB software, and definitely sparks joy. 

It's also got a couple of discrete Stream Decks built into the base above the USB front panel and some physical knobs, too. Who doesn't love a physical knob?

The front panel screen is huge and is configured to show off pretty much any system detail (of your PC, not your Starfield ship, btw) that you could care to show. And there's probably more space than you really need; there's a lot of blank space on there, after all.

And if you want to access the innards of the machine you have to pull that whole panel off the front. I'm going to say it doesn't make me feel comfortable the way it just hangs open when they life it off in the video above. That panel's going to get scratched. 

SkyTech custom Starfield gaming PC

(Image credit: SkyTech)

There's also some noises in there about building for airflow and such, but honestly I'd tuned out by then. I just want a pretty, button-filled gaming PC to play with, and that's all I'm thinking about. Turns out you can only boot the damned thing by holding down the 'Arm' and 'Launch' buttons at the same time. It's that attention to awkward ergonomics which sets this thing apart, I tell you.

You can enter a prize draw to win the PC via SkyTech, and the fact that I've given it a plug means the marketing has worked. But hoo-boy, they better hide it good, because I'm going to find out where they're hiding it and bring my Digipick.


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Dave James
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