Offworld Trading Company: Limited Supply DLC swaps stock markets for survival

Stardock and Mohawk Games have released a new Offworld Trading Company DLC pack called Limited Supply that includes more than a dozen new scenarios focusing on the single, simple goal of survival. 

While the core game is all about massive corporations working (and cheating) to dominate the hyper-competitive Martian markets, Limited Supply—as the title suggests—puts tight restrictions on the resources that can be bought or sold. That includes food, water, and oxygen, which as you might imagine are pretty important to survival on an alien world. 

There are also new objectives set by the colony, and "new and unexpected challenges" to take on. The only bright side is that there are no competing companies or stock market to deal with: it's just you against the planet. 

"This DLC breaks the core rule of the base game. Buy what you want, sell what you want—as long as you've got the cash—doesn't apply here anymore," lead designer Soren Johnson said. "We've got changing environments, evolving tech, and some serious restrictions on what sorts of resources the player can buy and sell. Sure, you don't have to worry about another company buying you out, but there are bigger concerns in these scenarios." 

Offworld Trading Company was released in mid-2016, and while a strategy/management sim set on a different planet is obviously kind of a niche thing, we liked it quite a bit, describing it as "ruthless, immediate, and thoroughly rewarding" in our 88/100 review. The Limited Supply DLC is available now on Steam

Andy Chalk

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