Offworld Trading Company gets map editor DLC today

In Offworld Trading Company your goal is to stifle your competition and to, perhaps less importantly, make a lot of money. It's "Wall Street on a new frontier", according to our reviewer, but that doesn't mean attention can't be paid to the finer details of the Martian landscape. To these ends, studio Mohawk Games has released a map editor today.

The Map Toolkit DLC, which costs $4.99, allows players to create Martian maps "with looming plateaus" and "deep craters", though if you wanna make a completely flat Mars that's probably doable too. There are also new playable maps based on "real" Martian locations, and some are incorporated into the campaign as well.

If you haven't tried Offworld Trading Company and you like perplexing strategy sims, you ought to try it out. "Master its complex systems and Offworld Trading Company is ruthless, immediate and thoroughly rewarding," Matt Elliott wrote in his review.

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