Official Starcraft II hardware rates you as you play


At E3, I had a chance to sit down with the head of Razer, Robert Krakoff, to talk PC hardware. The Starcraft II keyboard (the Marauder), mouse (the Spectre) and headset (the Banshee) are outrageously OTT, sleek, and pretty cool. But they have wider implications. If you want, they can display just how good you are at the game. Despite already owning a great mouse, a great keyboard, and a superb headset, I kind of want the set.

Each are encrusted with very special LEDs. Blizzard, when helping Razer make the hardware, opened up the game to pump out little bits of data, including a player's actions per minute. Krakoff explained that if you're averaging beneath 200 actions per minute, the LEDs will glow green. Up to 400, they'll glow yellow. Go above 400, though, and they'll turn red. The dream scenario is that at a tournament, all the pro-players will have flashing red headsets.

What's more, if your units come under attack, the keyboard will flash red to alert you. You can also customise these alerts, if you don't particularly care about people being in your base, killing your dudes. Or are insecure about your actions-per-minute.

Finally, JUST LOOK AT THEM. You know you want them. The whole set will go on-sale after Starcraft II launches on the 27th of July.