Oddboxx release marred by bugs and crashes, fixes on the way

Abe's Oddysee

The recently released Oddboxx, a pack containing the first four Oddworld games, has been experiencing some serious technical issues. Players booting up Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath, both ports of original Xbox releases, are experiencing crashes, control issues, resolution problems and more. Oddworld Inhabitants have announced that they are working on a patch to fix the issues. Read on for details.

The problems listed on the Oddworld Inhabitants site and on the Steam forums so far include graphical corruption, poor framerates, control bugs and an inability to change resolution.

Oddworld Inhabitants have responded on their official site saying "We've heard there are some technical issues being encountered, specifically within Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath. We had these games extensively tested and they both came back clean, so this has come as quite the shock to us."

"We ARE working on solving these problems THIS VERY SECOND, and hope to have a patch out to nail all these problems as soon as possible."

Stewart Gilray, CEO of Just Add Water productions, the developers currently working on fixing problems with Stranger's Wrath has posted on the Steam forums with a list of planned updates:

What we can do and will do:

  • We will be doing what we can to fix performance issues.
  • We will be fixing the corrupted font issues (we have repeated this now).
  • We will fix ingame rendering issues, such as corruption etc.
  • We will add customizable controls.

What we cannot do:

  • We cannot add Mouse interaction for the UI.
  • We cannot add graphics settings options, such as disable/enable shadows etc.

For now Gilray recommends that players with ATI cards disable the "Catalyst A.I." mode under the Advanced Settings in the Catalyst Control Panel tool to fix problems with graphical corruption. A guide to changing the game's resolution has also been put up on Steam . Updates and fixes are also on the way for Munch's Oddysee. Did you buy the Oddboxx? Have you been experiencing any problems?

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