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Obsidian's next Kickstarter to launch hopefully this year, an RPG based on a "cool idea"

Obsidian's previous Kickstarter - for the Infinity-style RPG Pillars of Eternity - was a nominal success in 2012, so it makes sense that the team would go with the crowdfunding option for their next roleplaying game, whatever it may *cough* Alpha Protocol 2 please *endcough* be. Whether it's that, a Star Wars RPG , or something completely new remains to be seen, but we do have a date. Well, a dateish. OK, a suggestion that their next Kickstarter will launch "before the end of the year" . It's an RPG, in case you were wondering, and Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart reckons it's a "cool idea". You know what's also a cool idea? Alpha Protocol 2. Jus' saying.

Urquhart spoke of Obsidian's plans in a recent interview with CVG , having the following to say when asked about the developer's next crowdfunding project.

"We are working on what that is. I think we've come up with what it's going to be. We have to still firm up some details, but my hope is that we'll get one going before the end of the year.

I think we've got a good idea. I'm not going to share anything, but a few times in my career I have these things where I say, 'hey, that's a cool idea!' and I've generally been right. So I think this one's going to be a cool thing."

Alpha Protocol 2 begging aside, the success of Stick of Truth has made me long for an AP-style game based on the brilliant Archer - Obsidian would obviously be the team to pull this off. Having said that, I wouldn't say no to another lore-rich Chris Avellone-penned fantasy RPG. Basically, Obsidian, do whatever you want - I've already thrown my money at my laptop screen.

Thanks, CVG .