Obsidian wants to make Project Eternity a long-running franchise

It almost goes without saying with the in-depth lore that is being created for Obsidian's upcoming isometric RPG, Project Eternity, but the minds behind it never intended for it to be a one hit wonder. Obsidian would like to keep making them for... yeah, Eurogamer got to the obvious joke first.

Creative director Chris Avellone told Eurogamer that another entry in the franchise was likely "if the first game does well enough and generates enough profit beyond the backer amounts we got," and that they would need roughly the same amount—namely the $3,986,929 the game raised on Kickstarter—for a follow-up entry. Regardless of how well Project Eternity does beyond the contributions of its backers, however, there are already plans to begin work on an expansion after the completion of the first game.

When asked if the franchise might ever become the kind of cross-platform blockbuster we've seen from the likes of BioWare, Avellone expressed that it was unlikely due to Obsidian's commitment to the PC.

"I don't know if it would grow into the console arena," he said, "and I wouldn't want to change the format for how Eternity is presented and the more Windows-focused aspects of it, because I think that's what makes Eternity what it is. So I don't believe it would go to the console arena for that reason. Our goal was just to make a PC-focused, much more keyboard-driven - something that's a bit more, for want of a better word, old-school."

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