Project Eternity update gives first in-game glimpse of the Orlan race

Looking over a list of Project Eternity's races is initially like checking boxes: Humans? Dwarves? Elves? Yep, the gang's all here. It's those two words that aren't recognizable by anyone who has ever picked up a fantasy book that evoke interest: the orlan and the aumaua. In today's official update , we got our first look at in-game assets in progress for the former, a small, stealthy race with a more civilized "Hearth" variant, and an 80% furrier "Wild" variant.

The official wiki describes Wild Orlans as carrying a stigma of being bloodthirsty and untrustworthy—a prejudice that often spills over to their presumably more civilized Hearth Orlan cousins. There's nothing quite like playing the race/class everyone hates in a non-linear fantasy rpg (elven blood mage in Dragon Age, anyone?), and it sounds as if the Orlan will have quite a bit of roleplaying potential in that regard.

We know considerably less about Eternity's other unique-ish race, the aumaua, other than the fact that they're large, semi-aquatic humanoids with some Polynesian flavor, and that they will come in coastal and islander ethnic variants. We also have a somewhat lower-quality render of a couple aumaua (Aumauas? Aumauae?) from a while back, in case you missed it: