Nvidia's RTX 4070 Ti preorder price in China isn't pretty

RTX 4070 Ti
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Given the rousing flop that was Nvidia's attempted 12GB RTX 4080 (opens in new tab) I was foolishly hoping the upcoming 4070 Ti would be a shining light for the brand's GPU offering. If these cards came in at a friendly price-point, they could be a great choice for upcoming builds. But after seeing the prices projected by Chinese stores, any optimism I had has largely been dashed. If you're happy to pay about the same amount Nvidia was planning on hawking those aforementioned 12GB 4080s for, then I guess you're in luck.

According to VideoCardz (opens in new tab), some Chinese retailers have begun taking preorders for the upcoming 4070 Ti cards giving us a look into the potential pricing for the units. These do vary a bunch, especially as the Chinese market tends to focus on custom cards, but it still delivers an indication that the prices on these cards are going to be too damned high.

The cheapest offering reported on is the Inno3D RTX 4070 Ti X3 which is going for 7199 RMB or about $1034 USD. Given 4080 cards are quite commonly around $1,200 USD in North American stores, this doesn't exactly bode well.

Inno3D is also the proud owner of the most expensive card on the list, the Inno3D RTX 4070 Ti iChill which sits at 8399 RMB or $1,206 USD. It's hard to imagine one of these being worth the choice over a straight 4080. We'll no doubt have a play with one of these cards when we can get our hands on them, but I'd be surprised if benchmarking went in favour of the 4070 Ti in that matchup.

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Other cards in the line-up include a few offerings from Gigabyte. The Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Eagle, Gaming OC, AORUS Elite, and AORUS Master are all there, sitting in between the price ranges of about $1,070 and $1,175. There's no sign of the Aero we got a look at last week (opens in new tab), but it's likely this will fall somewhere in that range too. Still, at these prices I don't think any of these are cards we're going to be rushing out to recommend.

We'll likely see these cards on display at CES with a launch on January 5, but unless Nvidia has some big surprises on the price front there's not much to get excited about. Coming in at the same price that those 12GB 4080s were slated for is a pretty big ooff in my books.  

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