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Nvidia RTX demo shows seriously impressive reflections in Atomic Heart, BF5, and more

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Nvidia spent the better part of Monday talking up how amazing ray tracing is, and how it has the potential to make video games even more realistic. During the company's presentation earlier this week, the company revealed a handful of games that would soon support ray tracing on RTX cards—including Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Atomic Heart, Battlefield V, and others.

If you've been itching to see more games on the new RTX graphics cards with ray tracing, we have you covered. Nvidia has been showing off more demos to press, and some of them are seriously impressive.

First, here's Atomic Heart:

Next, Nvidia showed off more footage of Battlefield V. The demo from earlier this week was running on older code, while the below video shows a newer version with substantially better performance.

Next, we have Control from Remedy Entertainment:

The developers of Enlisted by Gaijin Entertainment discussed how global illumination is a game changer. There are only snippets of footage, but the result looks great so far.

Next is Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries, by Piranha Games. No actual game footage in this one, just scenes with RTX turned off and on. Still very cool.

Finally, we have Assetto Corsa Competizione by KUNOS-Simulazioni Srl:

It's definitely exciting to see so many developers getting on-board with ray tracing before RTX cards even hit store shelves. Hopefully this trend continues over the coming months (and years).

Corbin Davenport

Corbin is a tech journalist and software developer, based in North Carolina. He plays a lot of Planet Coaster and Fallout.