Nvidia's Utopian vision—'GeForce is your holodeck, your lightspeed starship, your time machine.'

Jensens time travelling exploits uncovered
(Image credit: Katie Wickens)

A mysterious, almost transcendental outpouring from Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, at the end of the GeForce Special Event has left some of his adoring fans feeling bewildered. And pretty much anyone else who stuck around until the very end, well after the new Nvidia Ampere GPUs were announced.

After dropping the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and RTX 3070 bombs, along with an exceptional array of software—including the Nvidia Omniverse Machinima and Reflex Technology—Huang came to an interesting culmination, with a vivid premonition of the future. 

He describes a somewhat esoteric vision of a GeForce-fuelled Utopian future. A Star Trek-inspired, sci-fi age of wonder, involving Nvidia-powered holodecks... 

“I can’t wait to go forward 20 years to see what RTX started," says Jen-Hsun "Homes will have holodecks. We will beam ourselves through time and space, traveling at the speed of light, sending photons, not atoms. In this future, GeForce is your holodeck, your lightspeed starship, your time machine.

"In this future we will look back and realise that it started here."

Totally cosmic, man.

Such an obscure address has brought into question whether he could, in fact, be a clairvoyant... or even a time-traveller. Keep an eye out while perusing old photographs, and be aware that, if this vision truly is the future, now may be the time to upgrade or fall behind in the face of this coming age of effervescent silicon. 

Let us hope our benevolent Nvidia overlords will promise to watch over us as we explore the wealth of RTX wormholes set to open up in the near future.

We just don’t know what Huang and the gang are capable of after the announcement of such OP specs for the new 30-series… Perhaps he’s been keeping the best time-travelling tech back for himself. But, one thing’s for sure, the behaviour Huang’s been exhibiting lately must have something to do with all this. Think about it, the fact he keeps all his hardware in the oven, his comprehensive collection of silicone spatulas… 

Something’s going on, if you ask me.

Katie Wickens
Hardware Writer

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