Nvidia releases GPU hotfix for 120Hz 4K monitors and TVs

Nvidia VR
(Image credit: Nvidia)

A hotfix has rocked up on Nvidia's support site that sorts out problems for those wanting to connect their gaming PC to high-refresh 4K TVs and monitors. The 466.55 hotfix is based on Nvidia's latest 466.47 driver and addresses two problems:

  • [RTX 20 series][GTX 16/10 series][HDMI] 4K @ 120Hz display mode is not available from display settings
  • If GPU is connected to a 4K UHD TV, system may freeze when launching a VR game

I'm guessing the first issue will affect a lot more people, as there's been a move to enjoy the latest games at the highest resolutions and increasingly high refresh rates. To be fair, this is something that is probably more of a factor for the latest 30-series (Ampere) cards, whereas this hotfix is for the previous generations of cards. And if you enjoy a little VR in front of your big-screen TV, then the second fix is pretty vital too. 

This hotfix doesn't appear on the main driver download page, and so you'll have to go directly to the hotfix support page. They should make it into the next big driver rollout though, so if neither issue affects you right now, you can probably pass for now.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the difference between the two different driver downloads, the DCH version is a bit smaller and can be faster to install, although it can sulk if the control panel isn't installed on your C: drive. 

A good way to choose is to look at what you've got installed already. Right-click the desktop, select Nvidia Control Panel and then click the System Information link in the bottom left-hand corner. You'll find your current installation type next to the Driver Type entry below the version number.

Alan Dexter

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