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Nvidia GeForce Now targets October launch in Australia

Nvidia GeForce Now
(Image credit: Nvidia)
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Nvidia and Perth-based ISP Pentanet have confirmed that a previously announced rollout of GeForce Now in Australia will happen this October. In the lead up there will be a beta period, but in order to take part in that beta period, you’ll need to do a bit of legwork.

During a presentation last night, Pentanet unveiled its CloudGG portal, which is basically a place where you can do “quests” and other activities in order to secure a place in the beta pool. According to the press release, CloudGG is “an entire gamified experience that allows for the best possible capture of Beta data to improve the experience in Australia.” 

It’s also probably a bit annoying unless you’re super enthusiastic about the beta, which is targeting a September rollout: I levelled up to 1 and quickly retreated when I was invited to watch a “GET HYPE!” video for 25xp, but your mileage may vary. Whatever the case, engagement with the portal increases your chance of accessing the beta, and even at launch, “priority access will be given to beta testers, Pentanet internet subscribers, and active Cloud.GG users”. 

Here’s a sample of some of the activities you’ll need to complete:

(Image credit: Pentanet)

As was previously announced, GeForce Now servers will be based in Sydney and Perth for the beta, though Pentanet’s plan is to bolster infrastructure where there’s a lot of demand: presumably the beta will help. An expansion into New Zealand is also planned for some time in the future, according to the FAQ.

To sign up for the portal, head over here. If you want to watch the full announcement spiel, check out the video below: 

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