Nvidia delivers low-latency mode for Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Beyond Light scene with Guardian on sparrow
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Destiny 2 Beyond Light will not only add enough content to see the game immediately suck up 186GB of storage space in order to download (don't worry, it shrinks) but it will also introduce support for Nvidia Reflex, the GPU company's new latency-busting technology.

With the new Reflex support in place and switched on, you can expect responsiveness to increase by 49 percent, Nvidia reports. Probably just enough to swing some favour in the Crucible, if not just make for a more slick PvE experience.

The update will be delivered by both the latest Game Ready driver, which is specially moulded for Destiny 2, Call of Duty Cold War, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Godfall; and via a Destiny 2 game update—likely one and the same with the Beyond Light major overhaul coming tomorrow, November 10.

Nvidia Reflex does not require the latest GPU from the company, either. While it's a technology introduced alongside some deft marketing for G-Sync displays and the RTX 30-series, it's actually an SDK that can operate on any GPU all the way back to the 900-series.

The impact of Nvidia Reflex varies by card and game, and it's still up to developers to implement it themselves to reap the benefits. In our testing of the feature it has been shown to slice a little off your overall latency, and get your movements mirrored in-game pronto, and there's certainly no harm in that.

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We didn't experience anything close to the likes of the up to 49 percent reduction in latency that Nvidia is reporting in Destiny 2 with the update, but, like I say, it can vary significantly on a per card and per game basis. I'd still take that as absolute best case scenario, however.

Other updates with the latest Game Ready driver from Nvidia include: Reflex, DLSS, Highlights, and Ansel support for Call of Duty Cold War. There's also updates to ensure a smooth launch of both Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Godfall, as well as support for four new G-Sync Compatible gaming monitors: the Acer CP3271U V, Asus XG27AQ, MSI MAG274QR, and Xiaomi Mi 245 HF.

You can find the brand new drivers over on the Nvidia driver download page.

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