Nvidia brings its nifty Ansel screen capturing tool to GeForce Now

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Nvidia has committed to fleshing out its cloud streaming GeForce Now service with new games every week, but it is not stopping there. One of the notable additions to today's update is Ansel, Nvidia's screen capturing tool the enables capturing professional-looking shots.

"Ansel is the newest feature to join GeForce Now’s growing collection of content creation tools. We’re thrilled to put these tools in our members’ hands for our PC and macOS apps, and we can’t wait to see what they share on social media using #GFNShare," Nvidia says.

Taking a screenshot by hitting the 'print screen' key is still an option, of course, but it is rudimentary in comparison to Ansel. Using Nvidia's photo grabbing tool, you can freeze your game and move the camera around for the best angle and shot, add post-processing filters, take super resolution and HDR photos, and even capture images in raw mode (OpenEXR format).

As for the list of new and returning games to GeForce Now, they include:

  • Star Renegade (available the same day it releases on Steam - September 8)
  • Railway Empire (free on Epic Games Store - September 10-17)
  • Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (free on Epic Games Store - September 10-17)
  • Dungeon of the Endless - Crystal Edition
  • Endless Legend - Emperor Edition
  • Pro Cycling Manager 2019
  • Skullgirls
  • Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (Uplay)
  • Endless Space 2

Nvidia maintains a list of games available on GeForce Now, if you're curious about what other titles are currently accessible. It is a promising service that got off to a rocky public launch, with some publishers opting to pull certain games out. Endless Space 2 was one of them, though apparently Nvidia has worked out a deal with Sega to return the title to its supported lineup.

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Others have come back to the fold as well—notably, Nvidia and Square Enix worked things out a few months ago to reinstate games like Just Cause 3 and 4, several Tomb Raider titles, Deux Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut) and Mankind Divided, and several others.

In addition to adding Ansel support and some new games this week, Nvidia has added the ability for Chromebook users to sync their Steam libraries to GeForce Now. This was previously only available to Windows and macOS users.

Chromebook support has been one of the more intriguing propositions of GeForce now, as it effectively turned those comparatively lower powered (and cheaper) laptops into ray tracing-capable gaming PCs.

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