"Get Amped" for Nvidia Ampere GPU announcement at May's GTC keynote

Nvidia Ampere announcement in May
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Prepare yourselves for Jen-Hsun's leather jacket! Following the cancellation of the Nvidia CEO's keynote speech back in March, Nvidia has announced that its esteemed leader, Jen-Hsun Huang, will be returning to the digital stage on May 14 at 06:00 PT (14:00 BST).

And it sure sounds like Huang has some surprises in store for avid GPU technology enthusiasts. Without some last-minute bait-and-switch from the green team, the event should mark the announcement of its next-gen graphics card architecture, Nvidia Ampere.

"Get amped for latest platform breakthroughs in AI, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and professional graphics," Nvidia's news post reads.

Ampere will likely be the GPU technology driving the next-generation of professional cards built for data centres and deep learning, but Jen-Hsun could also offer a glimpse into what we can expect to populate the next generation of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

You will be able to watch the Nvidia GTC 2020 keynote live on Nvidia's YouTube channel.

GTC was shifted online due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the original GTC 2020 keynote scheduled for March 23 was put on hold indefinitely. Huang later published a letter titled "GTC news can wait" on March 16 citing that "this isn't the right time" for the announcements originally planned for GTC.

It now sounds like May is the right time, however. So stay tuned for Ampere.

Jacob Ridley
Senior Hardware Editor

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