Notch takes Edge award for best indie of 2010. Provides amusing video evidence

Notch interview thumbnail

Minecraft creator Notch has taken an Edge award for the best indie game of 2010. And he loves looking at it from different angles. Click more for video evidence set to a familiar youTube anthem, and an interview with the hatted genius.

Of course it was going to be "Bodies" by Drowning Floor. Edge managed to interview Notch on the future of Minecraft just after handing over the goods. Neptune's Pride took runner up in best indie category, which we also happen to like a lot . They obviously have decent taste over there so be sure to check out the rest of the 2010 Edge Awards too.

Minecraft also landed PC Gamer UK's equally prestigious Game of the Year award for 2010 along with PC Gamer US's Innovator of the Year award. It still hasn't even left beta, damn it.