Notch nets himself a BAFTA. PC Gamer offers congratulations

Notch interview thumbnail

As reported on MCV , Notch is getting a BAFTA ! The Swedish creator of Minecraft is "blown away and deeply humbled" by the news.

Notch will be picking up his BAFTA Special Award at the London ceremony on March 16. He got it for his constantly evolving block builder, Minecraft . You should probably check it out .

BAFTA Special Awards honour "those who has made a significant contribution to their sector and may not otherwise have received the recognition they deserve." Previous winners include Tony Hart, Blue Peter, KODAK, Michael Palin, The Chuckle Brothers and The BBC. Those are all awesome things, but are they as awesome as Minecraft? Doubt it.

"I've always considered the BAFTA Awards to be one of the most prestigious awards one can receive, and I was very happy when it expanded to cover video games in 1998,” said the hatted developer.

BAFTA video game committee chair Ray Maguire described Notch as an “Inspiration for all games developers," saying "this award reflects the determination and innovation that he continues to show to both the developer community and to gamers worldwide."

Congratulations Notch! Good luck with the speech.