Notch and Tracy Fullerton to receive GDC Awards honors

Minecraft - behind you Notch!

Markus “Notch” Persson and Tracy Fullerton will be honored with special awards at this year's Game Developers Choice Awards.

Persson, the creator of Minecraft (but you already knew that) will be presented with the Pioneer Award (which was for some reason formerly known as the First Penguin Award), which "celebrates those individuals who developed a breakthrough technology, game concept, or gameplay design at a crucial juncture in video game history—paving the way for the myriads who followed them."

Fullerton, an associate professor and director of the USC Games program, will receive the Ambassador Award recognizing her work helping games “advance to a better place through advocacy or action.” Her name isn't as instantly recognizable as Notch's, but she has “played an instrumental role” at the Game Innovation Lab, where she was involved in the creation of games including Cloud, Flow, and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom.

They reacted to the announcement on Twitter in slightly different ways:

Just kidding. Notch was honored, too.

We suggest buying everyone in the room nachos.

Fullerton and Persson will be honored alongside Todd Howard of Bethesda, this year's recipient of the GDC Lifetime Achievement Award, at the Game Developers Choice Awards, which will be held on March 16.

Andy Chalk

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