Noblechairs Hero DOOM edition gaming chair

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Doom Edition review

The Doom gaming chair by Noblechairs is totally brutal.

(Image: © Noblechairs / Bethesda)

Our Verdict

Positively diabolical back support for demon slayers everywhere


  • Vast, with great back support
  • Brutal design
  • Good adjustability


  • Base starts off surprisingly firm
  • Armrests could be comfier

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The new Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Doom Edition is the accursed spawn of Noblechairs partnership with Bethesda, Zenimax—which, if you didn’t know, was recently acquired by Microsoft. I’m not sure what heretical connotations that suggests about capitalism, but we’re not here to talk politics. The real crux of the matter lies in this question... Are you sitting comfortably?

Encrusted with bewitchingly beautiful, embroidered demonic runes, the Doom gaming chair is a veritable throne. It’s made of uPVC leather—we may be demon slayers, but we’re not monsters. For real, though, it’s wipe clean, durable, breathable, and it looks metal as heck with a pentagram on the back. The phrase ‘rip and tear’ also makes an appearance on the back, for those berserk moments.

Honestly, the sheer presence of the Doom gaming chair is staggering. The seat's cold-cure pressed foam means it’s firm yet comfortable. You don’t sink right into it, which helps with posture, and it will soften over time, but it certainly complements the aesthetic (hard look = brutal). But that base support means it’s still good for long gaming sessions—or working from home in your heathen temple. Either way, what it lacks in softness, it makes up for in support.

It’s a racing(ish) style seat but it’s vast and flat enough to sit cross-legged if you’re an ergonomics rebel, like me (disclaimer: I do not condone that you disregard what you’ve been taught about proper posture). 

If you are concerned about ergonomics, though, Noblechairs quite literally has your back. The Doom chair has an easily adjustable lumbar support knob and you can grab a memory foam headrest and extra lumbar pillow to bolster the experience.

DOOM gaming chair specs

Seat type: Racing seat
Recline: 90-135 degrees
Weight capacity: 330 lbs
Weight: 61.7 lbs
Available colors: Black with red embroidery
MSRP: $500

I love that it has pivoting armrests, so you can jimmy them out of the way when you want to use a gamepad, and they’re fully height and width adjustable too, which is great for us little people. Also having such a wide arm rest is great, but I find myself leaning on the corner a lot, not making full use of them and at the same time tiring my elbow out. I’d personally prefer padded armrests, but at least they don’t get sticky or slippery when you’re attempting to flex on your favorite horror FPS franchise.

The chair is height adjustable (as should all chairs be), the backrest has a ‘rake mechanism’ so you can adjust the angle with its handbrake lookin’ contraption, and a completely independent ‘lock tilt’ mechanism so you can rock freely, or lock yourself almost horizontally for a good nap, if all that demon slaying has tired you out. It also doesn’t spring forward and crush you when unlocked, which is always nice.

All in all it’s maybe not the most ergonomic chair in the world, and the design isn’t going to be everyone's taste, but, for Doom aficionados and metalheads like me… Well, I feel pretty brutal right now, just sayin’. Though at $500, my wallet would feel pretty brutalised too. 

Just remember, it's reserved only for those who have proven themselves ‘too tough for hell to contain’.

Anyway, I’m aware there’s a distinctly hellish vibe emanating from my living room at the moment, so if I go missing over the next few weeks, pls send help. Preferably someone with a BFG.

The Verdict
Noblechairs Hero gaming chair - DOOM Edition

Positively diabolical back support for demon slayers everywhere

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