Noblechairs Epic Black Edition review

Treat yourself to a proper gaming throne, your back will thank you.

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Our Verdict

The Noblechairs Epic Black Edition takes one of the best gaming chairs around and manages to improve on it. Comfortable, sturdy, stylish, and versatile, it's got it all.


  • Excellent materials and build quality
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Impressive understated styling


  • Premium pricing

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Technical Specs

Seat type: Racing seat
Recline: 135 degrees
Weight capacity: 264 lbs
Weight: 62 lbs
Available colors: Black 
MSRP: $470 | £375

Noblechairs has produced some quality chairs over the years, and it's been a constant in our best gaming chairs roundup for a long time. Like many manufacturers, it has branched out into more lurid color schemes over the years, but its most recent line has gone back to the Henry Ford school of design, in that you can have any color you want, "as long as it's black." There is a hint of metal in there as well, but you get the idea. 

The subdued color scheme works well , helping to elevate the chair out of the traditional gamer space. I mean it's clearly still a gaming chair, as it takes most of its styling cues from racing seats, but the fact it's predominantly black means that you don't feel a fraud if you happen to accidentally do some work between game sessions. 

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

Putting together any piece of furniture can be a challenge, but when you throw in hydraulic gas lift cylinders, springs that could take your eye out, and plenty of casters, it feels like you're asking for trouble (or at least setting yourself up for a Final Destination style mishap). The amazing news for the Noblechairs Epic Black Edition is that while it did take a bit of time to build (30 mins), the glossy instructions are so clear, the parts so sturdy, and the process so refined that it never felt like it was an uphill battle.

I wouldn't go as far as to call it 'fun', but it probably was the easiest furniture build I've ever done. There was a little blood when I caught myself tightening a bolt, but that was possibly my fault, and besides, you always have to pay a small sacrifice to the blood god if you want a comfortable seat. Now I'm sat in the lap of Noblechairs luxury it's hard to recall any problems with the build at all, which is pretty much as high praise as you're going to get on this front.

Once constructed and rolled into place, it's time to see just how good it is, and I have to report that this is quite easily the most comfortable gaming seat I've ever sat in. It's firm, but in a good way. The lumber pillow and head cushion, however, are soft and can be moved to wherever suits you best. One thing to bear in mind is that this is a big chair, and if you're small, then you may feel totally dwarfed by it. Though equally that might well work for you...

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

One thing that is different for the black edition of the Epic Black Edition is the choice of materials used. The backrest lever is now metal, as are some of the buttons on the arm rests for controlling how they sit -- you can adjust the height, rotate them, slide them forward and backwards, and also move them inwards if needed. 

The most decisive element here though is the main covering, as despite its looks, this isn't leather -- although if that is your bag, then a real-leather alternative is available for $599 (£490), or you could drop $999 (£900) on the nappa leather version. If you're trying to save a bit of cash, then the PU-leather one at $349 (£300) may be more to your liking. 

The version I'm looking at for review uses a new material for the covering, a vinyl and PU-leather hybrid. This boasts microfine pores that make it breathable, which means that you won't get too hot or sweaty sitting in this chair. It doesn't get sticky either, although you probably should just put on some pants if that's a fear... This material feels soft, and has an almost powdery dry finish, while also feeling slightly waxy. It's a pleasant texture, and while it doesn't really feel like leather, it's really not far off. 

The Noblechairs Epic Black Edition is is an excellent chair that has a good range of movement, is easy to set up, and is incredibly comfortable to sit on. It does cost a bit more than your average quality gaming chair, but the materials are robust, easy to clean, and it feels really good. If you can afford to treat your butt and your back, then this is a great way of doing it. It's epic. 

The Verdict
Noblechairs Epic Black Edition review

The Noblechairs Epic Black Edition takes one of the best gaming chairs around and manages to improve on it. Comfortable, sturdy, stylish, and versatile, it's got it all.

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