No Man's Sky modder aims to improve NEXT update with suite of projects

Prior to the launch of No Man's Sky's NEXT update last week, I wrote about modder Redmas' NMS Origins. Designed to "restore the original vision" of the game, the creator stressed their love for No Man's Sky and that their adjustments aimed to improve what they already considered a great game. 

Just over a week following the launch of NEXT, Redmas has created eight mods along similar lines.   

Fantastic Beasts, for example, boosts creature encounters, and changes creature size, numbers and behaviours. Birds fly closer to the ground, Flying Snakes move slower and Sharks, Whales and T-Rex now tower above their vanilla state counterpart. 

Metal Spaceships, on the other hand, adds metal textures to the fighters and dropships, and a mat effect for Scientific spaceships. Alien Structures Deposits replaces the vanilla Deposit assets with alien structures; while Atmospheric Freighters places frigates above crashed freighters, resource deposits, and crashed ships. The latter does not, however, change building placement. 

Redmas' catalogue of NEXT mods can be perused in full here—a list which includes the creator's Hoverbike, Wheelbike and Redmaspod vehicles. Here are some lovely screens: