No Man's Sky is still the best game for taking amazing photos

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I'm not sure I'll ever acquire one of the new organic spacecrafts that arrived with the No Man's Sky Living Ships update. There are several quests attached, and a hefty Quicksilver investment that requires completing a bunch of community research missions, and I'm so incredibly lazy. So, I may never actually get a Living Ship in No Man's Sky to call my own.

That's okay, though! There's more to the update than just the Living Ships, like lots of brand new bizarre encounters in star systems, and I've been having a lovely time just flying around trying to find everything new. I even made a video of the strangest things I've found in the new No Man's Sky update.

And along the way I'm rediscovering the simple joys of just flitting around the galaxy and taking pictures with No Man's Sky's photo mode. If you've been away from NMS for a while, even if you're not interested in acquiring a living ship, you should jump back in for a few hours, visit some star systems and planets, and take some pictures. It's the perfect way to spend an evening or two (or many more). Here are some of my recent travel snaps.

Even on the ugliest planets (and there are many ugly planets) you can still find a bit of beauty, like a rainbow. (Image credit: Hello Games)

As Tyler put it: "It's an excellent game for circles." (Image credit: Hello Games)

I don't like nighttime in most games, but No Man's Sky is the exception (Image credit: Hello Games)

It won't be hard to remember where I parked. (Image credit: Hello Games)

Excellent circles indeed. (Image credit: Hello Games)

The pinkest solar system ever. (Image credit: Hello Games)

More excellent circles, and one of them is sentient.  (Image credit: Hello Games)

You don't need to own a living ship to get to see one. Just head to the Nexus. Players are happy to show them off. (Image credit: Hello Games)

That is one fancy asteroid. (Image credit: Hello Games)

Weird to say since it's space, but it's odd to find real darkness. This solar system was damn dark, except for this fella. (Image credit: Hello Games)

I take it back, this may be the pinkest place in No Man's Sky. (Image credit: Hello Games)

Does this mean there's a really large skeleton floating around somewhere else? (Image credit: Hello Games)
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