Night in the Woods director's cut out now, adds two extra side stories

Weird Autumn is story-driven adventure game Night in the Wood's version of a director's cut: it's a free update that adds new dialogue, extra activities and a couple of fresh faces to meet. It also ushers in two supplementary side stories, Longest Night and Lost Constellation, both standalone (if short) games in their own right. They were released on their own during Night in the Wood's development, but now they're integrated into the main game's world.

Nowhere does it actually spell out what has changed in the main game, but the posts on the Steam discussion forums and Reddit suggest that it's nothing major: you can now commit new types of petty crimes with your friends in the town of Possum Spring, and in specific locations you'll find new characters that provide extra insight into the game's story. 

Some familiar conversations will have new dialogue options, too. Oh, and protagonist Mae now has a pink bass guitar in her bedroom, and you can pick it up and play the game's musical mini game any time you're there. It's enough to get people that enjoyed the game to come back and poke around one last time, I reckon. 

However, the new content might break the game if you try to carry on a playthrough that's halfway finished. Basically, the advice from the developer is that you start a new game or—if you want to pick up your current progress—then you should stop the game from updating to avoid conflicts later on.

Andy reviewed the game when it came out in February and was a big fan of the writing, the freedom the game hands you, and the humour. Read his review here

Samuel Horti

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