Fight the CEO of Square Enix in the upcoming Nier: Automata DLC

DLC and new costumes were announced on the Nier: Automata One Million Shipments livestream today. The Colosseum is a combat arena that lets you take on challenges to win new costumes and hair colours. According to Gematsu it will be released in Japan on May 2 for 1500 Yen. There's no date for a Western release just yet.

The expansion also features new bosses based on the real-life CEOs of Platinum Games and Square Enix. Here's Platinum Games president Kenichi Sato alongside his level 85 Nier: Automata likeness. You can watch them fight 38 minutes into the livestream. The attack where Sato spits dozens of projectiles shaped like his own head looks particularly deadly.

Nier loves to punch right through the fourth wall, so the addition of real-world bosses works really nicely. The new character skins were also shown during the livestream, based on costumes from the original Nier. Hopefully we'll have more solid details of a worldwide release soon.

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