Newly free-to-play Battleborn gets new PVP mode

All of Battleborn's competitive multiplayer modes and maps recently went free-to-play, but developer Gearbox Software has shown that it won't stop there. The shooter recently introduced a new PVP option, which mixes parts of the Meltdown and Capture modes.

Supercharge has you earning Appeasement Points from Minrec, which Gearbox describes as "the robotic god of minion destruction." To earn these points, you'll need to lead minions to a specific area. However, you can "supercharge" your minions by capturing and holding on to the capture point—this makes your minions stronger and will result in more points when they reach their goal.

Of course, you'll be battling against a team that's trying to do the exact same thing. It's a 3v3 mode, which takes place on three new maps called Ziggurat, Permafrost, and Horizon. These maps have been created specifically for Supercharge, which means they're a bit smaller to accommodate the lower player count.

Supercharge is available for free in Battleborn right now. If you're unsure of whether you want to expend some of your bandwidth, then it might be a good idea to check out our review. You can also head over to Battleborn's official website to read up on some of the developer's tips for the new mode.