New video of The Sinking City has investigation, murder, and an ape man

(Image credit: Frogwares)

H.P. Lovecraft/Sherlock Holmes hybrid The Sinking City has been delayed until next month, but to tide eager fans over, Frogwares has published a new video that shows off one of the game’s early investigations. Private detective Charles Reed, who looks as though he hasn’t slept in a solid week, is brought on to look into the disappearance of a morally casual art dealer.

The gameplay shown in the video is more Conan Doyle than cosmic horror, with Reed tracking clues down across the city, unguided by the usual video game signposts and glowing paths pointing you in the correct direction. There are a few monsters who get in the way, but the supernatural bits really kick into gear when Reed begins investigating a crime scene. Also, he’s working for a very fancy fellow who may be part gorilla.

While Reed has a kind of Geralt-esque set of heightened senses, he’s also got to work the old-fashioned PI angles, which means heading to the local police precinct and looking through the archives. 

The Sinking City will be out June 27.