New Splinter Cell Blacklist video features ziplines, human shields, a crossbow

I prefer my stealth games with a little less action and a little more sneaking, but this assassination-heavy video for Splinter Cell Blacklist cares to disagree. The eight-minute-long trailer (courtesy of VG24/7 ) features ze goggles, creeping, and a lot of bad-guy removal, plus a surprise appearance by former president George Bush.

In the video, cinematic director David Footman speaks about the game, revealing that "the stakes have been raised" in terms of the imminent terrorist threat, and that it's set to be the biggest Splinter Cell yet. (Whether that's in level size, length, or some other factor is unclear.) He also goes to greath lengths to reassure fans of the sneakier earlier games that Sam Fisher hasn't abandoned stealth yet, despite this video's evidence to the contrary. We should expect some stealthier videos further down the line, apparently, in advance of the game's August release.

Tom Sykes

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