New Phoenix Point trailer shows off the X-Com successor's weird-ass aliens

There's a new official trailer for Phoenix Point, the X-Com successor currently in the works by creator Julian Gollop and Snapshot Games. It shows off the game's odd enemy creatures, strategy layer and physics-based combat, as well as its pretty mean-looking bosses. Check it out above.

For a while now, Snapshot has been sending out backer builds of the game to people who pre-order at the $50 level. Me and Tom played and covered the first backer build about six months ago. Honestly, what's exciting is how it differs from Firaxis's XCOM: the precision aiming that lets you target specific bits of an enemy, for example. I shot the boss's thorax a lot to try and kill it, but no dice. It was a tricky build that hadn't been balanced for difficulty settings at all, so it's hard to make any lasting impressions from that. I just can't wait to play more.

Phoenix Point was successfully crowdfunded back in June 2017 on the platform Fig, making $765,948 of its $500,000 target. While it was originally targeted for a 2018 release, it's now moved back to June 2019

The team's last blog update, from a couple of weeks ago, focused on the game's alien bases. Here's a few images of what they look like:

If you want to read Gollop's thoughts on genres, RNG and more, check out the four pieces he wrote for our indie channel.

Samuel Roberts
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