New Paragon update adds Sevarog, balances hero powers

Sevarog Paragon

I must admit, Paragon is a game I've slowly warmed to over time. What started out as a game seemingly too similar to its multitude of genre siblings in my eyes, I've since very much enjoyed dipping my toe into its paid Early Access phase that launched earlier this month—something Chris recently explored in his extensive primer. Today's update throws Sevarog into the mix, a jungle-dwelling dark arts-wielding tank who steals the souls of his foes to make himself stronger, and, well, you can see what he's got to offer here:

A similarly brief but slightly deeper look at his skill set and fighting style can also be gathered from this here developer overview:

"Late game, Sevarog is a very strong frontline tank," explains the video above. "Use your abilities to control the tempo of fights. If the enemy gets too close to your Carries, use Colossal Blow to knock them away. You can also use your Ultimate to isolate an enemy, knocking them into your team and using Subjugate to keep them there."

Sevarog's card focus lies with those that increase health, energy and physical resistances, and his Syphon ability lets him last hit enemies and drain their souls in order to build stacks and grow stronger. All in a day's work, too.

Paragon's update 22.1 also tinkers with hero balancing, namely the damage scaling of both Grux and Feng Mao.

"The win rates for Grux and Feng Mao have been higher than other Heroes, so we took a couple of actions to help even things out," reads the update. "We have decreased their damage scaling in the late game. To offset that, we've increased their early-game damage a bit to help keep them more relevant throughout the match."

Future updates will focus on improving movement speed and travel modes as well as any other required balancing, so says Epic. Full update notes can be found over here.