New Mount & Blade 2 patch adds autoblock and fixes bandit hideouts

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(Image credit: TaleWorlds)

Medieval fantasy combat and/or butter hoarding simulator Mount & Blade 2 has a new update today which significantly improves the game by adding back a much-requested feature and fixing a major gameplay issue. 

Players can now set their block direction option to auto, removing the need to flick the mouse in a particular direction to block there—instead, auto block will choose the closest incoming attack and block towards it when you press the button. The other major fix is an overhaul of how bandit hideouts work, allowing players to choose which troops accompany them on the notoriously frustrating fights.

Previously, players were given what felt like a random selection of troops for attacks on bandit hideouts. Now players may either automatically take their highest level troops, or they may custom-build a roster of attackers for themselves. The number of bandits in the fights has also been balanced. Hopefully no more getting pincushioned by forest bandits. Hopefully.

The final major change is a tweak so that you don't need a loading screen to speak with other parties on the campaign map. Other changes in the patch include a greater variety of weapons among faction troops, and a general rebalance of weapons used by different soldiers. Long-standing bug frustrations have also been resolved, like the one that made your Levy Crossbowmen count as melee infantry and charge to their deaths. You can also now cheer with your troops when you win. Just press 0 once the battle is over.

You can read the full Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord 1.4.3 patch notes here or on Steam. As often accompanies Bannerlord updates, there's also a new beta patch you can try out. The 1.5.0 beta patch includes further much-desired changes like an overhaul of combat formation AI. These are among the changes teased in the most recent developer update. 

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