New Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay takes us through Liam Kosta's loyalty mission

Mass Effect: Andromeda is nearly a week away, and with it comes the return of Loyalty missions. We won't be able to play them for a little bit, but BioWare did show off part of one during its PAX East panel. You can watch the full panel in the embed above (via TheModernCamEraGuy).

The gameplay demo showcases squadmate Liam Kosta's Loyalty mission. These types of missions weren't present in Mass Effect 3, but they were a critical part of the second game. They helped fill out each character's backstory and let you become intimately familiar with them. These missions are a big reason why so many people are passionate about specific squadmates. That even includes us at PC Gamer, to the point where we even ranked the best Mass Effect companions, from worst to best.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases for PC on March 21. Origin Access subscribers will get to play the game early in a 10-hour trial that includes the multiplayer and a set number of missions from the single-player campaign. It starts on March 16.

Unlike many AAA games released in this day and age, it won't feature a season pass and all multiplayer maps will be free. You can check out the system requirements here and everything else we know about the game here.