New D&D-inspired drip is predictably pricey—though it can apparently take a beating: 'We want you to be able to run around in the woods with your friends'

An image of the D&D Burgschneider set of clothes, Call to Arms. A fighter, a rogue, a cleric, and a wizard all decked to the nines pose intimidatingly before the camera.
(Image credit: Burgschneider)

Ever wanted to feel like you could drop a 9th level Meteor Swarm on all your problems? I'd recommend you find less violent fantasies, but this new line of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired swag might help. 

The clothing line is class-based, featuring full garment sets for the Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, and Cleric. It's all pretty much premium LARP gear—and regrettably a smidge overpriced. A full set will run you just shy of $200. Those wizard robes, though. They exude some powerful vibes.

They might also stand the test of time, too. Speaking to PopInsider at New York ComicCon, Chief Creative Officer of Burgschneider Thomas "Beol" Miller promised the outfits will take some wear and tear. "These costumes are designed to be worn and used and abused … We want you to be able to run around in the woods with your friends or sit at a table and spill something on it and it’s still going to be the same the next day."

Despite my best efforts, I've never LARPed. I haven't done my time in the lightning bolt trenches. I do, however, wonder how competitively priced this officially-sanctioned D&D swag is compared to, say, your local vendor at a Mediaeval Faire.

Granted, you can buy the pieces individually, so if you've already got some thematically-appropriate trousers and boots kicking about, something like this Wizard's robe is just shy of $100. A touch more affordable. None of this is shoestring budget stuff, though. 

These do feel like a good shortcut to those nervous about navigating a field covered in tents somewhere, but they're a significant investment for any first-timer hobbyist without deep pockets. I guess you could just buy an outfit for yourself, sit around in your house looking like an assassin. Chase your bliss.

Burgschneider also has two more lines planned for December 2023 and Spring 2024. The former will let you rock up as a Barbarian, Warlock, Ranger or Monk—while the latter offers Paladin, Sorcerer, Bard, and Druid drip. 

Burgschneider does not say whether mixing the Paladin and Sorcerer outfits will allow you to quicken spell Hold Person into an auto-critical Divine Smite. Though they're also planning on offering weapons you can "bonk your boyfriend or your little sister with" without injury, so I doubt it.

Harvey Randall
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