New Battlefield Play4Free trailer and details released

Battlefield Play4Free

A new Battlefield Play4Free video has appeared in which DICE Senior Producer Ben Cousins delivers the latest juicy details on EA's upcoming free-to-play version of Battlefield, which will let us fight on Battlefield 2 maps with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 weapons and classes. A lengthy FAQ also reveals some more nuggests about the game, including details of how to sign up for the closed beta. The trailer is embedded below, along with a summary of the new features.

The full FAQ can be found on the Battlefield Heroes blog , but here's a shorter list of the the announced features:

  • 32 players!

  • New updated PC engine with HD console quality graphics – high resolution artwork and post-processing effects

  • The weapons and equipment of Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • The factions and classes of Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • Maps are updates of classic BF2 maps like Strike at Karkand

  • Vehicles are familiar BF2 classics (Yes, that includes helicopters and jets!)

  • The leveling, abilities and deep visual and gameplay customization of Battlefield Heroes

  • Free-to-play, quick to download and low system specs like Battlefield Heroes

A closed beta for the game will be up and running soon, and you can sign up to be a tester now over at the Battlefield Play4Free site . The FAQ mentions that there will be a lot of crossover between Battlefield: Play4Free and EA's more light-hearted blaster, Battlefield Heroes, with both games using the same accounts and Battlefund system to let players buy in game items. The game crossovers won't stop there, either. The FAQ says "We are working on deep connections between Battlefield Play4Free and the upcoming Battlefield 3. If you plan to play Battlefield 3, we would advise you get into Battlefield Play4Free at the earliest opportunity!" For more information, check out our Battlefield Play4Free preview .

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